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Adult friend fi

From dealing with friends-with-benefits to coworkers from the dark side, from feeling alone to being desperate to defriend a few dozen people, Andrea Bonior, Ph. helps you make the most of your friendships, whether they be old, new, online, or in person.

Unfortunately, they’re also at the heart of drama, stress, and sometimes not-so-great escapades after that fifth martini.And, technology, from texting to Facebook, has made all friendships more complicated than ever.At last comes The Friendship Fix, jam-packed with practical ways to improve your life by improving your circle.Sometimes it might seem easier to be alone but we all need one another. Bonior asked people was how they came into their current circle of friends. Bonior shares a great exercise you can use to help choose friends.The overwhelming response was most people just kinda fell into their friendships. •7 words to describe myself are:•7 words I'd use to describe people I'd want to be my friends are: Now you have something to use as a guide when making new friends. You can read from front to back or choose a chapter that sounds interesting and start there.

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They were passive about it and didn't choose on purpose their current friendships. Have you been in friendships with people for maybe years and you don't really have anything in common with them at all? I would recommend this book if you are looking for knowledge and like a humorous twist with that knowledge. Andrea Bonior at baggage check Summary: Read the subtitle. Why I Read This Book: I recently fell in love with the blogger "The Bloggess". Her best known blog is about a giant metal chicken that she named Beyonce. Review: I was really looking forward to some snark with this book. And there was a little bit of snark, but not enough for my tastes.

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