Adult friend finder scam?

Posted by / 21-Feb-2020 16:10

Adult friend finder scam?

Unfortunately the links they send you will likely end with you providing personal information to a fake site or downloading malware to your phone, so be sure to learn how to spot online fakes used by scammers.The easiest way to avoid a Tinder bot scam is to learn to recognize one as fast as possible.

If you suspect a Tinder match is a bot, there are a few strategies for testing your suspicion.They may even talk to you on the phone and suggest starting a relationship.Inevitably, some sort of disaster will supposedly affect the scammer. Sometimes they claim to need money to travel to meet you; other times they’ll claim there’s some family emergency and they need financial help from you.Since online dating is so popular, online dating platforms are a perfect tool for scammers.And with Tinder being one of the most popular apps, Tinder scams are common.

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Challenge suspected bots by asking complicated or very specific questions.