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Posted by / 08-Dec-2019 08:29

Adult web sites

Protect all your accounts and devices with our trusted partner and Komando sponsor, IDrive.In light of all the massive data breaches, it’s more important than ever to make sure your digital assets are safe.

This means that we may only be seeing the beginning of what Varenyky is fully capable of.

It’s no secret that there are eyes all over the web keeping tabs on your every move — and it’s not all spyware and ad trackers doing it, either.

In fact, some of the biggest names in tech routinely monitor your activity in order to learn about you, recommend content, and sell products and services to you. Our most intimate activities are the kind of material that unscrupulous marketers and cybercriminals are dying to get a hold of — and when they do, the end result is usually blackmail or worse.

The same can be said for “sextortion” emails that arrive out of the blue.

Your best hope to avoid being infected, naturally, is to avoid the primary vector of infection.

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