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Service Link Resource Centers A major partnership between BEAS and local communities is the Service Link Resource Centers, a statewide network of community-based resources for seniors, adults living with disabilities and their families.The Service Link Resource Centers are available to anyone who needs assistance, advice, help finding services or support with an issue relating to a senior member or disabled adult living in our community.BEAS also has a main office, located in Concord, responsible for administrative support and general program and financial planning.Each year billions of American taxpayers’ dollars are wasted on improper payments to individuals, organizations and contractors.

Community-Based Provider Network A critical component of the BEAS statewide delivery system is its community-based provider network; many of these providers are nonprofit agencies.These are payments made in the wrong amounts, to the wrong person, or for the wrong reason.It is estimated that a loss of billion annually results from fraud, abuse or errors involving Medicare and Medicaid.Being that you are now the starting quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars, I wanted to reach out and see if you’d be interested in teaming up together with us,” the letter reads.Minshew took the field as Jacksonville’s starting quarterback after Nick Foles broke his clavicle.

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Also provides home-delivered meals to seniors 60 and over who are under the direction of a physician and unable to leave their home.