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Ashley madison reviews reddit

I’m withholding my name to protect my marriage, but the people, the places and the dates are just as I describe.It all began in the spring of 2011, after several bellinis at a Milestones with my best friend.

I’d recently started a public relations job on Bay Street, and I had some urgent project deadlines to meet.

I should have felt guilty embarking on this betrayal. The ages of the men contacting me ranged from 27 up to the mid-60s.

But quite a few of them were intriguing: I was approached by a surgeon at the Toronto General Hospital, a finance director with a branch of the Ontario government and a detective with the Toronto Police Service.

We spent many lunch hours discussing our interactions with him and laughing over what we’d do if we ever found ourselves alone with him in the backseat of his silver SUV, parked in a dark corner of the company’s underground garage.

Sometime after that, we started to share pulpy erotic novels with titles like I had recently turned 46 and dreaded hitting the half-century mark.

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He was attractive, with a chiseled face and a broad smile.

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