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Mobile devices made up 42% of total time spent online, and bounce rates came in at 50%.

"One clear thing, we did not see continued growth in mobile," said Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting. desktop." The update demonstrates changes in mobile web versus desktop in 2018.

The rest of the findings of Kaspersky are below: Online pornography searches have become safer: In 2018, 650,000 users faced online attacks.

That’s 36 percent less than when more than a million of these attacks were detected in 2017.

Last year, several malware families were configured to search for login credentials on adult sites, but, according to Kaspersky, the most active was the Jimmy Trojan, a lesser known family of malware, which is spread primarily via email spam.

This was somewhat surprising for researchers when compared to 2017, when three very large cybercrime operations were the most active strains – namely the banking trojans of Betabot, Neverquest and Panda.

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For years, mobile visits to websites have been creeping up to surpass those on desktop, but in 2018 those visits reached 58%, according to recent data.

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