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Zoosk also has gained acclaim from websites like App Appeal and mainstream news media outlets like The Wall Street Journal.

The innovation, creativeness, and accessibility behind Zoosk have helped contribute to its continued success.

For the reason of the wide range of platforms and easy accessibility, Zoosk has been able to stick around in the online dating world and has emerged as both a popular and reliable option.

It is not just the widely available number of platforms that Zoosk can be downloaded and used on which has contributed to its growing success and popularity.

The millions of members who use Zoosk on the different kinds of platforms are known fondly as ‘Zooskers.’ Zoosk is unique in that members can contact each other through the Internet, social networking platforms like Facebook, as well as any of their mobile devices and tablets.

Founded in December 2007, Zoosk has since expanded into becoming its’ own website but also has found a place in different social networking websites as well as mobile applications making it one of the most versatile dating platforms on the Internet today.

With the growing popularity of social media and mobile applications, Zoosk has been able to grow and adapt to these changes to become the popular application that continues to gain more members and a larger following.

has become one of the most popular dating websites and applications out there on the Internet.

Unlike most other online dating sites, Zoosk started off as a simple web application that was tied to

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Zoosk has been able to grow exponentially in popularity and has not slowed down since the dating platform was founded back in 2007.

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