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I've used plenty of dating sites in the past, every single man I met was looking for someone long-term.

I've been on the hunt to find a site which is no-strings only.

Substantial finds in Russia of Viking women’s wear have provided a better understanding than could previously be gleaned from the small bits of fabric discovered at Birka, a major Viking island settlement some 30 kilometers West of Stockholm.

), it's been a wild ride but I've enjoyed every part of it.

I recommended the site to my friends, I just told them not to message anyone I do!

“The excavations which were done way back in the 1800s showed that this is not correct, and that the buckles instead were placed centrally over each breast.

The traditional interpretation is that the buckles fell down to the waist after the body decomposed, but that is a prudish reconstruction,” says archaeologist Larsson.

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Well let's give them the spotlight in a video compilation then.

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