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According to the new code of ethics, consent is impossible when there is a power imbalance involved.

But it’s worth noting that in Hill’s case, no victim has come forward to allege abuse.

But Hill’s premature departure from the Capitol also hints at a political peril that is heightened for digital natives like her.

“I never claimed to be perfect,” she said in a teary video to supporters.

“She looked like a model, to be honest, and when we started talking she was so friendly.

Millennials are gaining power at all levels of American government: Enter, Katie Hill.

Millennials are navigating a rapidly shifting landscape of technology, sex, and power: Exit, Katie Hill.

Hill’s nudes, including one of her combing her campaign staffer’s hair while naked, were leaked to a conservative blog and to the Daily Mail, which forced Hill to admit to the affair and apologize.

She admitted to her relationship with her female campaign staffer Morgan Desjardins (which is unethical and worthy of resignation, but does not necessarily violate House rules because Desjardins is not on her congressional staff) and she’s been accused of having a relationship with legislative staffer Graham Kelly (which Hill has called “absolutely false,” and which would likely violate new House rules preventing sexual relationships between members and staffers), but neither Desjardins nor Kelly has has come forward to accuse her of any misconduct.

There is no allegation of coercion, harassment, or abuse: just the fact of one relationship and the allegation of another.

This week, she resigned after nude pictures of her “throuple” relationship with a female campaign staffer were released online without her consent, and after she came under a House Ethics investigation for an alleged relationship with a male legislative staffer.

Hill’s case lands smack in the middle of the three-way intersection between tech, sex, and power: Technology has changed sex; sex has changed power; and power is newly vulnerable to strains of disgrace that didn’t exist a decade ago.

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They posted Instagram videos of their “roomie” struggles with Ikea runs and furniture assembly, and Hill once helped Underwood put a bed frame together with duct tape.

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