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Sex meetups

The founding members of Qunify, an LGBTQ group that plans events in Philadelphia, stand from left to right: Neha Ghosh (chief events officer), Vincent Scarfo (chief financial officer), Dredeir Roberts (chief communications officer), Sofia Oleas (chief information officer), Eric Schroeckenthaler (chief operating officer).

Founded by Ghosh and four others in 2017, Qunify organizes meetups in an effort to provide safe, inclusive spaces for all LGBTQ community members.

(They catalog all former meeting spaces on their website in a Queer Philly Map.) And to make sure the events appeal to everyone in the LGBTQ community — not just, say, the happy hour set — Qunify diversifies the activities, too.

Some events bring people together to have casual conversations over coffee.

But Qunify also raised money to buy a 6-foot ramp that can be folded up and used for entrances or for bathrooms with stairs.

Membership varies from area to area, but it's usually a modest fee and comes with some great benefits. Next Were your homosexual relationships strictly physical or was there much emotional bonding as well?

“People in New York, when I tell them about Qunify, they’re like, ‘Oh, we don’t even have that.’ When I talk to people in L.

A., they don’t have that there.” “That three-letter word all in front of LGBTQ people has become very pivotal in how we think about fulfilling that mission,” Schroeckenthaler said.

and East Germantown’s Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books.

But though it may seem like those spots were selected for their reputation or cool factor, in reality, Ghosh and the Qunify team carefully explore and even debate each location.

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